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Health, Nursing, Medical, and Related Degrees - Online Graduate Schools

All of the colleges, universities, and other graduate schools on this webpage are regionally accredited institutions.

Regionally Accredited Online Graduate Schools:

Honorary star. Indiana University at Bloomington:
M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation.

University Of Arkansas Online Degree Programs:
Master of Science in Nursing.
Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Auburn University
Physician's Executive MBA; Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Program; Master of Food Science.

University of Alaska Master's degrees in Health, and others.

Arizona State University
Master degrees in Health, Nursing, and Psychology.

University of Alabama
Health, and Nursing.

Boston University
Master degrees in Health, and Social Work.

Ball State University Master's in Nursing, or the Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Bellevue University Master's in Healthcare majors.

California State University - Chico MS in Nursing. Also the Certificate in Career and Life Planning.

University of the Cumberlands Master's in Physician Assistant Studies; or Professional Counseling.
PhD in Clinical Psychology (see their website for details).

California State University Dominguez Hills - Online Master's in Nursing (MSN).
Certificates in Assistive Technology; or Sport and Fitness Psychology.

University of Central Florida Graduate Online Master's degrees and Graduate Certificates in Health and Public Affairs; Health Care Informatics; or Nonprofit Management.

City University (of Seattle, WA) Master level degrees in Counseling Psychology.

The City University of New York School of Professional Studies is a member of an affordable online college consortium.
Master of Art in Disability Studies.
Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies.

Colorado State University
M.S. in Rangeland Ecosystem Science.
Master of Science (M.S.) in Food Science and Nutrition.

Drexel University Master's Degrees in the areas of Health; Nursing; plus others.

Dakota State University
Masters of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI).

Empire State College Online Graduate Degree Programs:
Master of Science in Nursing Education.

Excelsior College Master's online graduate degree in Nursing (Clinical Systems Management); and the RN to MSN Option Nursing degree.

Emporia State University online Master's in Health, Physical Education, & Recreation.
Graduate Certificates including in Autism; or Coaching.

East Carolina University Master's in Environmental Health; Health; Health Informatics and Information Management; Nursing; Nutrition; or Safety.

Ft. Hays State University online graduate degrees including Master's in Health and Human Performance; Nursing Administration; Nursing Education; Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner Track (Supervised Clinical); or School Psychology.
Specialist in Education in School Psychology.
Graduate Certificates in Nursing.

Florida State University graduate degree online programs:
Master's in Social Work (MSW).
Graduate Certificates in Emergency Management; Nursing; and related occupational topics.

Gonzaga University
Master degrees in Counseling, Nursing, and Psychology.

Indiana State University Online graduate school Master degrees in Health Sciences (Public Health); Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner); Nursing (Nursing Administration); Nursing (Nursing Education); Occupational Safety Management; and Sport Management.
Online graduate school Doctor of Nursing Practice.
Online graduate school Certificates/Licensure programs in: Family Nurse Practitioner; Nursing Education; and Visual Impairment.

Iowa State University Graduate Certificate Programs: Biorenewable Resources and Technology; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Systems; and Food Safety & Defense.

Indiana Wesleyan Online Master's degrees in Nursing MSN+MBA combination.
Graduate Certificate in Health Care.

Kansas State University Master's degrees in Community Development; Dietetics; Family & Community Services; Food Science; Gerontology; and Youth Development.
Graduate Certificates in Biobased Products & Bioenergy; Food Safety & Defense; Gerontology; Personal Financial Planning; and Youth Development.

Liberty University
Master degrees in Health, and Psychology.

Lamar University is a state university in Texas with reasonable tuition rates for their online classes, even for out-of-state students.
Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
Master of Science in Health Promotion.
Accelerated Master in Nursing.

Michigan State University online graduate degree programs Master's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Operations; Biomedical Laboratory Science; Clinical Laboratory Science; Family Community Services; Health Professions Education; Nursing; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Pharmacology & Toxicology; and Youth Development.
Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Clinical Research Trials Management; Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals; Food Safety & Toxicology; International Public Health; Public Health; Public Health Administration; Public Health Informatics; Safety Pharmacology; and Youth Program Management & Evaluation.

University of Missouri Located: Columbia, MO
Master's and Educational Specialist with a focus in Mental Health Practices in Schools.
Master's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

Missouri State University Online Master's degrees in Nursing.
Graduate Certificates in Post-Master's Nurse Educator; or Sports Management.

Northwestern State University (of Louisiana) Online Master's degree in Health & Human Performance.

National University Online Master's degrees in Health and Human Services, including in Public Health; Health & Life Science Analytics; and Health Informatics.
Also graduate certificates.

University of Northern Colorado Master and Doctorate degrees in Nursing.

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln Ed.D. or Ph.D. in Educational Studies (specialization in Educational Leadership and Higher Education) ; also Ed.D. Joint UNL-UNO program in Educational Administration, focus in P-12 Education.
Ed.S.: Special Education and Communication Disorders, with several specializations; Special Education Administration (P-12).
Master's: Educational Administration, K-12; Educational Administration, Higher Education; Family and Consumer Sciences; Special Education and Communication Disorders; Education; or Teacher Education.

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Online Master's in Child, Youth & Family Studies; and Dietetics.
Also graduate certificates in Food Safety & Defense; Gerontology & Design; and Youth Development.

Northern Arizona University Doctorate in Nursing; Master's in Nursing.

University of North Carolina Master's and Certificate Programs in Health/Nursing. Also the Certificate in Health Informatics.

University of North Dakota Master's in Nursing; Social Work; or Doctorate in Nursing.

Old Dominion University Online Graduate Degree Programs:
Master of Science in Nursing.
Doctor of Nursing Practice.
Master in Public Health (MPH).

Park University Distance Graduate School Master's Degree Programs in:
Healthcare Leadership; or Social Work (MSW).

Graduate Certificates in Disaster & Emergency Management; Healthcare/Health Services Management & Leadership; Leadership of International Healthcare Organizations; or Nonprofit Leadership.

Pace University (New York) MS in Physician Assistant Studies Completion Program.
MA in Management for Public Safety & Homeland Security Professionals; or Nursing.

Pennsylvania State University Graduate School degrees online:
Master of Health Administration.
Master of Science in Nursing.
Doctor of Nursing Practice.
Certificates in Nursing and Health.

Pittsburg State University (in Kansas) Master's in Health, and Human Performance & Recreation.

Rochester Institute Of Technology - Distance Graduate School. RIT is a nonprofit, prestigious and renowned technology institute located in Rochester, NY.
Master's Degrees: Health Systems Administration; or Environmental Health & Safety Management.
Graduate Certificate in Health Care Finance.

Seton Hall University Master's in Counseling (M.A.C.); Healthcare Administration; Nurse/Practioner. Certificates in: Healthcare Administration; Nurse Practitioner.

University of South Alabama MBA and Master's in Nursing Education or Geronotological Nursing

College of Saint Scholastica Online Graduate Degree Programs:

Master of Science in Health Information Management; or Health Informatics.
Doctor of Nursing Practice; or Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Buffalo State (State University of New York) Master's Degree in Science and the Public.

State University of New York Institute Of Technology at Utica/Rome eMaster of Science in Health Services Administration.

SUNY University at Buffalo Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Saint Francis University Online Degree Program:
Master of Health Science.

University of South Florida Online Grad Degree Programs:
Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Master of Science in Health Informatics.
Master of Science in Medical Sciences.
Master of Public Health in Epidemiology; Global Disaster Management and Humanitarian Relief; Health, Safety & Environment; Infection Control; Public Health Administration; or Public Health Practice.
Executive MPH in Public Health Practice.

University of Tennessee at Knoxville Executive MBA with a variety of specializations including Physician's Executive MBA (may require some brief residency).

University of Texas Master's in Kinesiology, or Nursing.
Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership, or Nursing.

Thomas Edison State College Master's in Nursing. Plus Graduate Certificate programs in Clinical Trails; Nurse Educator; and more.

Union Institute & University Master of Arts in Counseling, or Health. (Low Residency) Doctorates in Psychology, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

University of Southern Indiana online graduate degree programs:
Master of Health Administration.
Master of Science in Nursing.
Doctor of Nursing Practice.

University of Central Missouri Online Graduate Degree Programs:
Master in Aviation Safety.
Master in Kinesiology; Occupational Safety Management; or Nursing.

University of Washington Master's degree programs in Health; or Nursing.
Graduate certificate programs in Health and Medical.

Valparaiso University Online Graduate Degree Programs:
Master of Science in Healthcare Administration.
Post Master's Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Western Governors University is a nonprofit online university that also serves as a state university in some states.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Healthcare Management.
Master's in Nursing with specialization in Education; Education ( for RNs); Leadership & Management; or Leadership & Management (for RNs).

University of Wisconsin System Master's in Administrative Medicine, and more.

University of Mississippi online graduate degree programs:
Counseling: Specialist Degree in Education - Play Therapy.
Master of Health Care Administration.
Master of Health Sciences.
Nursing: MSN Family Nurse Practitioner, or Nurse Educator.
Master of Health Informatics and Information Management.
Doctor of Health Administration.

University of Nevada - Reno Online graduate degree programs:
Master degree in Behavior Analytic Psychology.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst graduate credential courses.
Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Walden University
Master degrees in Health, Nursing, or Psychology.

U. of Wyoming online graduate school programs: Master's in Nurse Educator, Kinesiology & Health; Speech Language Pathology, and Social Work (MSW).
Doctorate in Nursing Practice.
Certificate in Social Work (MSW).


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